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Cheap Flight Finder launched in 2001 with the mission to make it easy for you to compare flight prices with one search.
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About Cheap Flight Finder was launched in 2001 by Miravista Travel in the days when most people arranged their flights through a traditional high street travel agent or discount bucket shop.

Miravista Travel was established in 1999 and became one of the first online British travel companies originally offering a package holiday search facility with bookings being made by telephone via a call centre. In early 2000 we came up with the idea of a search facility for booking flights similiar to that already used by travel agents but which could be used by the public and spent a further year developing the initial system before launching this site in 2001 which has been evolving ever since,

What We Do

The website operates only as a price comparison website, not as a travel agency or booking agent, simply providing the facility for you to search the leading suppliers and agents with one search, compare their prices and availability and then make your booking directly on the suppliers own website simply by following a link from the search results.

The Cheap Flight Finder comparison search is completely free for you to use and we DO NOT add any fees or commissions.

Independent and Unbiased

Cheap Flight Finder remains completely independent and unbiased and unlike some other price comparison sites we list prices and availability from suppliers including budget low cost no frills airlines with whom we have no commercial relationship to help you find the best deals available.

We do not accept paid listings or incentives to promote suppliers within the search results and display search results by price with the lowest first but also offer a wide range of filters to help you tailor the results based on your own individual criteria.

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